MINI-TUTORIAL: how to breathe properly in flow yoga classes

> breathing properly in flow classes is how you experience the deep relaxation, focus and moving meditation you may be seeking.

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about Rachel

I teach hatha flow yoga and welcome everyone, no matter your age, gender, sexuality, body shape or experience. I aim to teach with compassion; to empower and encourage you to listen to your body’s own innate wisdom. READ MORE or CONTACT ME

what people say

- Jen: "Rachel was fantastic and from class one my reservations were put at ease. Rachel’s classes put you the student first – taking into account injuries and personal development. Her positive and enthusiastic outlook is refreshing."

- Dima: "Rachel has the perfect balance between encouraging and connecting with the person in front of her. Her preciseness and attention to detail with each pose and each preparation inspires me and encourages me." MORE TESTIMONIALS